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The Vision

Guarantee Education:
Giving educators and public employees modern tools, training, and skills to better serve our students and

Preserve Smart Growth: Defend the Community
Legacy Program and others from major cuts because such programs benefit inner-Beltway communities.

Against the Death
“It is a crime that our state approves of killing people under certain circumstances, even though we say murder is wrong."

Commitment to Community

Bob McGrory has a platform based on his experience working on issues in the public interest (see his Biography page).  He has been actively working in Bladensburg, as well as throughout the region and state, to effect positive change on the critical areas facing our community.  A small sample of his agenda includes work in the following broad areas.

Community Services - Government working for its customers

Bob McGrory's legislative work has aimed to help government deliver better quality services to its customers: the people who make up our communities.  In public safety, he has pushed for community-oriented policing and legislation to foster better, as well as multilingual, communication between our hardworking public employees and those they protect and serve.  He will continue to push for resources to provide Bladensburg with tools to deter and prevent crime, and the means to attract and retain well trained police and fire personnel.  

Bob has also actively pushed for expanding health care to the more than 600,000 uninsured Marylanders.  With Bladensburg's significant low income population, including seniors on fixed incomes and some among our vibrant and diverse immigrant community, we cannot afford to leave behind those who are often forced to get primary health care in the emergency rooms.  Bob has worked to support a prescription drug program and expanded insurance coverage and will continue to make this a priority. 

Education - Adequate and equitable funding for community schools

Bob McGrory believes that state funding must be both adequate for the task of educating our children and equitably distributed to ensure that every child has the same opportunity.  His career in public education has been devoted to ensuring that students, teachers, parents, and administrators have access to the best educational tools available.  He knows firsthand the issues teachers and administrators face and will continue to make education a priority at the state level.  

According to the Washington Post (Editorial June 16, 2002), our state's budget woes are not over, and we will need our legislators to protect critical funding for education and other priorities in Bladensburg.  Bob has experience collaborating with fellow legislators and others to find creative means to maintain such funding.  Despite a flat tax base and declining revenues, the Town of Bladensburg continues to maintain traditional services and even add new programs for all of its residents.   At the same time Bladensburg has built a formidable rainy day fund.

Economic Development - Making our Community an attractive place to live and do business

Bob McGrory has taken on leadership roles in several organizations working to promote economic development in Bladensburg and in our region.  He believes that the successful smart growth initiatives should remain a high priority for our state government.  With his experience promoting regional tourism - and the jobs, enhanced services, and infrastructure that come with it - Bob hopes to help put Bladensburg's wonderful local attractions and history closer to the center of our state's marketing program, so others will come join us to enjoy the historic and revitalized Port Towns: the Anacostia River, the Bostwick House, our wonderful shopping districts and a Town Center in the near future.

Bladensburg has many assets: wonderful transportation resources with ready access to our nation's capitol and its nearby technology centers, inexpensive housing inventory, a rich and varied history, and a wonderful cultural mix.  Given these assets, we should be prime real estate in the region.  However, we need an articulate and experienced voice to help turn around our area's undeservedly poor reputation.  We also need Mayor McGrory's voice in advocacy to help protect such innovations as the Community Legacy Program, the Heritage Areas Program, and others that have proven successful in revitalizing our communities.

And thousands of other stands...

Bob McGrory has the experience and the courage to take stands that serve our Town well.  Equally important, to best represent a community a leader must remain active in it.  Bob is active in his community.

The people's representatives in government are most effective when they maintain open communication with the community they serve, and Bob has worked to enhance collaboration and communication among communities, residents, businesses, employees, non-profit organizations, and government.  Let him know what you think about these issues or any others that concern you but are not listed here: call 301-927-2776 or email Campaign@BobMcGrory.com

Friends of Bob McGrory, 5438 Taylor Street, Bladensburg, MD 20710-0065, Phone: 301-927-2776, E-mail: Campaign@BobMcGrory.com

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