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The Vision

Guarantee Education:
Giving educators and public employees modern tools, training, and skills to better serve our students and

Preserve Smart Growth: Defend the Community
Legacy Program and others from major cuts because such programs benefit inner-Beltway communities.

Against the Death
“It is a crime that our state approves of killing people under certain circumstances, even though we say murder is wrong."

What People Are Saying About Bob McGrory

Read below for some quotes from some of the area's prominent leaders.  Stay tuned for more quotes from people like you!  Submit your statement about Bob's work and his candidacy by emailing Quotes@BobMcGrory.com
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Delegate Rushern Baker, Chair, Prince George's County House Delegation

"And as I leave Annapolis as a delegate, I want to be able to feel comfortable that someone is down there taking care of this area, the education of our children, making the tough choices on issues.  And I feel very comfortable leaving the future of my precious kids in the hands of this man who I'm about to introduce. Who I think can lead this county, go to Annapolis and help us out, and do a great job.  

I've known him for a number of years.  We started, actually, door-knocking on someone else's campaign, and he has been committed since then to making a difference in our community.  I think he'll do a great job in Annapolis, and I think he'll carry on a terrific tradition.  My good friend, the next delegate from the 47th District, Bob McGrory." 

Stay tuned for more quotes from some of the area's prominent leaders, and from people like you.  

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